Slowly...I am aware.

My own breathing, so slow. My heartbeat faint. My room is total silence. Soft light filters through the dark tan, oak leaf print curtains. Warm, in a cocoon of flannel and wool with a sleeping bag for a bedspread. Wool socks. The stark silence is balm to my soul. I turn, eyes shut. Breathe in... and can still smell the burnt oak from last night's fire. The chill of the room, is a contrast to the warmth in which I am enveloped. Slowly, I am aware. It is morning. Through the curtain I can see snow falling, no wind. A squirrel runs across the wooden porch.. the first sound I've heard.

The north woods, is sanctuary. This time is respite from the enjoyable chaos of another life hours south. Here, I meet God with intensity, passion, abandon. Here, I dance like David danced, because I can. Here I can sing to heaven, outside with guitar or Native American flute, to the trees, to the sky, to the one who formed me before time began.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. What means this "Delight" ?? Think about this promise and think about how to delight. Delight is not duty. Delight gives you chills. Delight makes you laugh and search, run or bask; wait with excitement. Delight makes you want to give more than you get. Delight is so mindfully embracing the essence of another that they crave your presence and your spirit. Delight cannot be faked, for it is passion. Delight comes back in equal measure as it is given. This is not a formula, but a truth.

What are the desires of your heart? Can you distinguish them from your wants and needs which are largely carnal? Search yourself, then Delight yourself in the Lord.


© February 2008