Ox Cart by Equinox

Every now and then a product comes along that not only performs exactly as advertised, but surpasses every expectation. At the 2003 SHOT Show in Orlando, Equinox Industries out of Canada had a number of tow carts on display, and I picked the Ox Cart for use with my ATV. I needed to cut wood, run bear baits and work food plots in remote areas inaccessible by a tractor or my truck. The Ox Cart seemed like the perfect solution. My land is rough, wet and heavily wooded. I needed something small, but big enough to haul a ton of lime, and I needed something versatile and durable. I bought the Ox Cart at SHOT show and had it drop-shipped to my home.

When it arrived, the cart was partially assembled on a palette, and I easily finished the rest of the assembly up at camp on the back of my ATV trailer. Several things struck me right away about the Ox, as being radically different than any other ATV cart I had seen.

First, its ground clearance is a generous 15 inches, perfect for the rough terrain of my ATV trails. My trails involve a lot of log hopping, swamp edges with potholes and rough terrain. The Ox Cart cleared everything with ease, and without losing stability thanks to it’s huge nubbly tires. And that is the second thing I really like about the cart – the tires. The tires are fat and oversized, providing a necessary cushion for a stabile ride and to avoid tipping. Another great feature of the cart is that it’s back tailgate lifts out for dumping. The cart can be unlocked and easily pivots to dump like a dump truck. The Ox has a removable railing for use when hauling timber or larger objects which require added support. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the Ox Cart is its ability to go over virtually any terrain and through deep standing water, without tipping over. Case in point is when I had 5 yards of lime dumped at camp to spread on my food plots. I must admit, we overloaded the Ox, pouring over 1000 pounds of lime in the box. At one point, the Ox trailer slipped off an ATV bridge made of 2x12 timbers, with one wheel lodged in water and the Cart at a 30 degree angle. It did NOT tip over, even with it’s full load of lime and with water up to the tire top. We were able pull out the Ox without even using a winch. This Ox can SWIM. The huge nubbled tires will tackle any terrain. After heavy use, it is recommended that the wheel zerks be greased. Another benefit of the Ox is that it is quiet. Metal ATV carts clang and bang and make all kinds of racket. The Ox is built like a brick house so there are no squeaks, and its heavy gauge plastic box is relatively quiet when loading and unloading. I know that wild animals, and especially bears, know when a human is in the woods, but I do prefer not to have my ATV wagon clanging like the Liberty Bell and unnecessarily startling game.

The Ox cart has been my right hand helper for the following projects:

  • Carried many 1000 pound loads of lime to three remote food plots. The back tail gate was lifted to disperse the lime evenly before it was disked into the soil.
  • Hauled many cords of firewood that we chain sawed deep in the woods, for splitting back in camp.
  • Hauled lots of gear for blazing ATV trails.
  • Bear baiting – The Ox has served me faithfully for two years as I ran bear baits on my land. The Ox makes short fun work out of the baiting process.
  • Carried dozens of loads of road rock to repair storm damaged ATV trails
  • Carried dozens of loads of Class 5 gravel to repair the entry roads to my property
  • Hauled thousands of pounds of shell corn to feeders around the property
  • Hauled spreaders and fertilizer for food plot maintenance
  • Hauled tree stands and steps around the property
  • Hauled lawn mower and other equipment to remote destinations

The Ox Cart has a short enough frame base to be able to maneuver easily in the tightest turns and to get through the narrowest spaces. It is light enough at 375# and so well balanced that even a small person can affix and remove the cart from an ATV in just minutes. As such, if you do get in a tight spot where you cannot turn around, the Ox can be taken off and put back on your quad quickly and easily. Amazing!

By the way, I did everything wrong when I tested this product and the manufacturer would cringe if they knew what I put it through. I am often very hard on products I test, pushing them far beyond what average or recommended use would be. I beat the daylights out of the Ox Cart. I overloaded it repeatedly. I drove it too fast and I tipped it over several times, once with such torque that I snapped the ATV ball adaptor right off my quad, spilling a load of wood. Rodents chewed on sturdy plastic (with little success) over our Minnesota winters. I have spilled gas, oil and chemicals in the box of the Ox. I have (accidentally) rammed the Ox into trees, from the side and from the back. After two years of incredibly hard use, I can see this product is going to last a lifetime. The only maintenance required with the Ox is to grease the wheel zerks regularly, and check for loose bolts on the frame. In two years of use, I have not had a lose bolt on the frame but I check them anyway.

As for improvements or complaints, I really don’t have any. If you have any hauling needs, this is simply the best product on the market. Yes, you can spend less and get one of those cheap metal dump carts, but I guarantee you, it won’t hold a candle to the Ox Cart for durability and ability take abuse.

The suggested retail price for the Ox Cart model I tested was $650. I comes in a variety of colors. You can buy the Ox Cart at the following stores or contact the manufacturer for more information.

  • Gander Mountain
  • Cabelas.
  • Equinox Industries
  • Canada

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