Starlight Cases Review Manufactured by New Innovative Products, Inc.

As I packed for my first ever pheasant hunting trip, I was loaded to the max.  If I needed it, I had it.   I had only forgotten one thing, my gun case. What to do? Which one to buy?  I had heard horror stories of bad gun cases and the outcome of buying cheap.   What would happen if my three guns that I was taking were broken?  Those were my best and only shot guns I was taking with me. If I lost those, what then?   I decided I wouldn't take the chances and buy a cheap case, but rather go with the best of the best. 

What is the best of the best and who makes it?  This was the ultimate question and for hours I searched online.  I finally found what seemed to be an excellent company (Star Light Cases) with excellent quality and most importantly American made.  Now, with as many purchases as I've made online I know that what you see online isn't always what you get.  You can search for hours and think you've found the best company to supply you with a product and it will be a complete let down. 

Since my hunting trip was in TWO days, I had to find something.  I called up Star Light cases and to get 2nd day shipping was no problem at all.  They even shipped out the same day and I had my case before I left.  They had excellent customer service and wonderfully fast shipping. So, if you are in a pinch and need a gun case fast, have no fear!

The quality of the cases are wonderful... no.... superb!    Pretty much indestructible if you ask me. It has been used in the extreme conditions of Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom. Dropped from a 5 story building and only had surface scratches.  REFUSED to crush under the weight of a MK 113 ARMORED TANK. (Whoa!)  Ok, *I* personally won't do that to my gun cases, but when you give it the airport, you have no clue what conditions they will put it through.  When airport security checked our gun cases they were blown away on the quality stating how it was the best case they had ever seen.  They told us horror stories of gun cases being seen dropped and actually run over and just picked up and thrown in the planes.  I cringed at the thought of our guns coming out like that, but after hearing the security officers remarks on our new case , it put me at ease.

Our guns were safe and sound on their trip from Alabama to Kansas.  I was very, very pleased with the quality of Starlight Cases and will buy only their cases from here on out.   You can't get better quality of product nor better customer service.  Starlight cases offers a wide variety of cases for your every need. Cases come as small as 10"x6"x12"for $85 and as large as 6"x13"x52" for $245.

 Below is the 6"x13"x52", which can hold up to four shotguns.

*All cases are backed by a lifetime warranty.  This means repairing or replacing the case, free of charge, if it is found to be defective in material or workmanship or for breakage in ordinary use, during the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser.


  • Specially Formulated Polymer Resin
  • Lightweight Design With Superior Strength
  • Designed To Exceed Military Standard C-4150
  • Airtight, Watertight "O" Ring Seal
  • Pressure Equalizer Valve
  • Strength Contoured, Stackable, Interlocking Design
  • User Friendly "Hex-A-Pull" Foam
  • Far Exceeds All ATA Requirements


  • Small Arms, Rifles & Shotguns
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Night Vision Goggles, Scopes, Cameras, Lenses & Video Equipment
  • Calibrated Measuring And Timing Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Dive Gear, Including Survival Gear
  • Musical Instruments
  • Any Device Requiring Security & Protection


  • Airtight & dustproof seal with pressure equalizer valve
  • -65E to +165EF temperature range
  • Dent Proof
  • Rust Proof & Chemical Resistant
  • Superior Strength - virtually indestructible
  • Water tight- tested to 400' depth
  • Floating Capacity to 175'
  • Rustproof, Spring loaded handles
  • Molded Holes For Locking
  • Optional Wheel Kits
  • Colors Available in Black, OD Green, Desert   Tan & Chocolate.

See them online at or call toll free: 877-782-7544 

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© January 2008