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Only members of the WomenHunters Club may contribute content to WomenHunters. This article describes  E-Magazine. write for This article prescribes guidelines that WomenHunter's members must follow in order for WH to publish the member's content.

Apply for Contributing Writer status

To become a published WomenHunters writer, you must first join WomenHunters. You have probably already done so or you would not be reading this. In addition to the information in this article, please check out our POWER WRITING section.

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How do I get started writing for WomenHunters?

Submit an application packet with complete contact information including name, mailing address, phone numbers (especially cell number), email address, birthday, age, how long you have hunted, what kind of hunting you prefer, weapon of choice, competitions won, list of published material, list of sponsors (this is for your benefit, not necessarily ours), and a biographical article about yourself as a woman hunter, similar in format to those of other WomenHunters writers. Your packet must include at least one clear, large head shot of yourself (ideally in camo), as well as hunting and harvest photos of you with your game (tasteful please--no gore). Email this packet to Kathleen Kalina. After your packet is reviewed, you will be notified by email as to whether your application has been accepted. Thank you for participating. See also our submittal checklist.

Copyright Guidelines

Submit your original content only. If you use other works to develop your topic, or if you directly quote other works, you must cite them in accordance with cite sources of additional material, for example, cite sources of excerpts from other published works, cite statistics quoted from other sources, and cite sources of illustrations. You must obtain permission from the copyright holder (an email from the copyright holder granting specific permission for the item used is sufficient; please send with your article) or an illustration must have a cited reference. All articles need photos. Photos should have captions and the photographers name listed: (Kalina, Photo). If the photo is a general internet stock photo, then it should say (Unknown Photographer). Submit article and photos in separate document attachments. Make sure to have your name and state at top. To become a staff writer, you need to write 4 articles per year.

Content Guidelines

Content of your articles should not be offensive, harmful, inaccurate, or deceptive in any manner. Be careful not to include any gory descriptions of the kill. Use restraint in your descriptions, graphics, pictures, and other content. Each writer is responsible for ensuring that their articles contain no nudity; sexually suggestive clothing, poses, or other content; obscene, indecent, or disrespectful language; or defamatory or inflammatory remarks.

All articles should be written at an eighth grade reading level. This is the same as most newspapers. The articles that get the highest hits on our website are: “How to” articles, first person experiences (successful hunts), gun and archery tips, and animal behavior. Focus on hunting rather than emotionalism or cathartic experiences. These factor into our stories, but to appeal to our WomenHunters audience, they should ultimately be about the hunt. Get to the point. Organize your articles. Have an introduction, body, and satisfying conclusion or effective summary. Keep the tone upbeat, positive, and instructive.

Photo Guidelines

Absolutely NO articles will be accepted without at least one relevant, high quality (clear, high resolution) photo or graphic. This makes your articles more interesting and informative.


To see WH staff, visit the Meet the Ladies page. For information, click here. There are two main categories of writers:

Staff Writers

To earn and retain status as a WH Staff Writer, you must first submit at least four articles during your first calendar year. After that, you must continue to submit four articles per calendar year to retain Staff Writer status. There are no prolonged leaves of absence.

Contributing Writers

Writers who contribute fewer than four articles in a calendar year will be designated as Contributing Writers. This applies to new writers as well as to former Staff Writers for however long they are unable to submit four articles per calendar year. Reinstatement to Staff Writer status from Contributing Writer status is not guaranteed, even if the writer again submits four articles in a calendar year. It is subject to the approval of the board president.


Send articles to e-magazine editor Jill Christensen if you desire an editorial review prior to submittal, otherwise submit them directly to WH President Kathleen Kalina.

You may include your article in the body of your email and attach your images, or you may attach your article and images. We accept plain text (i.e. Notepad .txt files) and Word files (any version of Word, .doc or .docx). Remember to include all content and photo citations, and to key them to where they apply in your article.

To recap, for each article, submit--

    • Content and permission to use any copyrighted material
    • Image(s) (at least one) and citation for each, even if it is public domain



Articles are submitted on a voluntary basis. WH writers do not receive compensation from WH for articles. This is required for WH to retain its status as a 501(c) nonprofit corporation. However...


Writers may earn money by obtaining a sponsored advertiser. (See rules about sponsored advertisers).

Board of Directors

The only people allowed to write and distribute press releases about WomenHunters are the assigned representatives within the Board of Directors. Only members of the WomenHunters Club can apply to be on the Board of Directors.

Press Releases

Only writers authorized by the Board of Directors may publish press releases. You may write about what is in the news, but you may not report the news.


Only Field Staff may solicit merchandise in the name of WomenHunters for the purpose of writing reviews. At this time, we have no vacancies on our Field Staff. You may, however, write reviews of merchandise that you already own, or that you are able to obtain for the purpose of review provided you do not use the name of WomenHunters as justification for your request. WomenHunters takes violations of this requirement very seriously.

Conflicts of Interest

Many WH writers submit content to other organizations or publications, both print and internet, and that is okay, as long as the morality of the writing is consistent with the good character of what we expect of our representatives.


WomenHunters absolutely does not sell addresses, phone numbers, or emails to other lists. Members and writers are expected to do the same. Also, please do not send non-WomenHunters-related emails to other members and writers on a general basis.

Writers policy updated Nov 2011