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Linda Burch Dahlen's Bio

Raised in a hunting family but never hunting as a child, the wild woman in me had always yearned for both the outdoors and for the hunt. I did not hunt as a child or as an adult, but when my son showed a keen interest in guns and hunting when he was six years old, I ran with our shared interest. I was 37 years old at the time. I took the NRA beginner and advanced pistol courses. My son and I also took the Firearm Safety course together and we joined a local gun club. Later, after getting certified through NRA as an instructor in rifle, shotgun, pistol, home firearm safety, and Eddie Eagle gun safety, I was asked to make a number of televised pro-gun and pro-hunting statements in the Sacramento, CA area where we lived at the time. Moving back home to Minnesota in 1993, I was befriended by a client who agreed to help my son and I get started with deer hunting. We hunt on two parcels of land that I own, and hunt public land as well.

Today, my son and several other men and women are my main hunting partners for firearms and archery. In 1995, I invented a number of hunting products, and brought them to market in 2001 with the hopes of making the hunting industry my main career in the next few years.

Hunting and the outdoors are deep, all consuming and often inexplicable passions in my life which find their climax not only in the taking of prey, but also by capturing my experiences in the written word. To that end, I humbly present my writings to you. My desire is to place you in the moments with me.... to feel the adrenalin, to be stirred and excited, to laugh and to dream, to lurk, shoot, climb trees and to join me in the woods as I seek the face of my soul.


-Linda Kistler Burch Dahlen-

-President, Data-Link Accounting Services, Inc., Enrolled Agent and GRI
-President, Wild Tech Corporation
-Life Member - National Rifle Association
-Life Member - Minnesota Deer Hunters Association
-Treasurer, Life Member - Christian Bowhunters of America

-NRA Certified Instructor
Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Eddie Eagle

-Minnesota DNR Certified Instructor
Firearm Safety
Advanced Hunter Education

-Freelance Writer
Outdoors/Hunting - local publications
Contributing Writer, MilleLacs Messenger Newspaper



Articles by Linda K. Burch


Due Diligence

Get Your Gun

“Take It Like A Girl” - Getting fit for hunting season - the sequel

"Dressed to Kill: Women who Hunt" Film Review

Antler King “Fit for a Queen”

The Sisterhood 2

The Mystery of Tree Damage

The Apprentice

Adventure Road

The Heritage

The Voices in my Head

‘The Thrill of Pursuit’ Bear Season 2009

Day 1 - Bear Hunt 2009

Clipped Wing

Mother Nature

The Prodigal Gun

QDM 'Secrets'

“Never Never Never Give Up”

“Fungus Hunter”


“Like A Surgeon” Field Dressing for Girls

"Mud Party" Caring for Mother Nature

"The Gummy Barrel" Women Conquering the Impossible

"Dare To Be Stupid" - My Misadventures In The Great Outdoors

"Skunkzilla" Bear season 2008

I’ve Been Patterned! Part 3 - Bear Hunt 2007

“Bear Bait CSI” 2007 Bear hunt – part 2

THE HUNT part 1 Bear Hunting 2007



How Awesome

Be Still and Know

"What If?" Ray Howell's Kicking Bear Camp for Kids

What We Do For Love - Hunter Education & Firearm Safety

Dances With Bears - Manitoba Bear Hunt 2005

"Hunting Outside the Box" Minnesota Bear Hunting 2003

"Endless Sky" Manitoba Bear Hunt with Big Grass Outfitters

When Women Hunt - 100 Days To Bear Camp

And the Bears Laughed

"Almost A Cop"


"The Rhythm of the Wild" MINNESOTA ARCHERY OPENER 2001

"Winners Never Quit" Hunting with Catwoman and Tumbleweed

"Nomadic Hunting Babes" Women's Mississippi Whitetail Hunt at Tara Wildlife

"The Flipover Disc" The Food Plots Continue

Food Plots Part 3 "Just a Doe"

"Tuned In" My Introduction to Food Plots - Part 2

"Changes" - my introduction to food plots

"Respect" Minnesota Archery Opener


"The Big Dipper" WomenHunters Deer Archery In Wisconsin Fall 2004

"The Sisterhood" The Nomadic Hunting Babes Ride Again

"The Invisible Girl"

In defense of the "Catered Hunt"


Triple Play Hog Hunting in Texas

Hog Wild

Teach Your Children

"Teach Your Children-Part 2" - Liz Hears the Call of the Wild"

"Dances With Cows" 2003 Kansas Spring Turkey Hunt

"That's Why They Call It Hunting" Fall Turkeys in Minnesota

"Cat Napper" Wisconsin Turkey Hunting 2002

“Conversion” Minnesota Firearms Opener November 2006

"The Schizophrenic Hunter" MN Firearms Seasons 2002

Like Mother - Like Son

Legacy of the Duck Property

“Whippoorwill” Georgia Turkey Hunt – 2007

"When Things Go Wrong" Spring Turkey Hunting 2006

"The Perfect Plan"

"Love is Blind" Wisconsin Spring Turkey Hunt 2003

"The Mountaintop" Kansas Turkeys 2002

"No Fair"

Motor Horse - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

"Dances With Cows" 2003 Kansas Spring Turkey Hunt

Born To Be Wild

The Old Outhouse

"The Compleate Woman" From Woods to Home for the Holidays

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Adventures of a New Landowner

The Symphony of the Woods

“Jackpine Savage”


“Killing Time at the New Generation Deer Camp"

All My Dads


"Wisdom-Woman to Woman"

When I Was A Man

"Mind Games"

Beauty and the Beast

Hunters Anonymous

Pomp You Up, Getting Fit For Hunting Season

Working Together - Archery is Recognized in Minnesota

WildTech’s Linda Burch runs for ATA Board

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